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Get your ceiling fans professionally installed by qualified and experienced local electricians. Upfront pricing and quality workmanship means you can feel confident all your domestic electrical work is carried out correctly. Our electricians can take care of  your ceiling fan installation Torquay, Ocean Grove and Ocean Grove areas.

Our team can work with all styles of ceiling fans including indoor and outdoor fans, industrial, fans with lights and more.

A Ceiling Fan Installation Saves Money

With the increase in energy bills, introducing cost effective temperature climate control measures to your home is worth considering. One affordable way of doing this is to install a ceiling fan.

Circulating the air in the room can make it feel either warmer or cooler in summer and winter. In the warmer months the rotating blades make the room cooler simply by rotating and creating cooling air movement. In winter, the blades work effectively to bring warm air down from the ceiling, creating overall warmth in the room.

Our highly qualified team of Ocean Grove based local electricians will quickly install your ceiling fan, so you can enjoy the benefits. Ceiling fans are available in a range of design option from the basic 4 blade fan, to multi blade fans with lights. If you are looking to save money, cool down or add a standout feature to your living room, ceiling fans are an increasingly popular addition to many homes and businesses in Ocean Grove and The Bellarine Peninsula areas.

Free Quotes and Advice

If you’re unsure about the cost to install a ceiling fan in your home or office, we are happy to offer free quotes today. AustHVAC are the local experts.

We’ve Installed 100’s Of Ceiling Fans

We have installed 100’s of different designs of ceiling fans in our many years in the electrical industry. Don’t take chances with your new ceiling fan installation Ocean Grove, get the best advice and installation services by the professionals.

Local Air Con Installer Ocean Grove

When it comes to an aircon or fan installation, servicing and repairs, we cover the entire region from Little River, Lara, Geelong, Queenscliff, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Winchelsea, Anglesea and Lorne. However, ask us if we travel to your area.

Benefits Of A Fan Installation

save money with a brand new ceiling fan installation

Low upfront costs and affordable running costs

In comparison to electricity guzzling air conditioners, ceiling fans are a very affordable and cheap cooling option. There are many different designs of fans and they are considerably less expensive to purchase and run than air conditioning. Most ceiling fans only cost a few cents per hour to run.

Simple to maintain

No filters to clean and no technician required. All you need to keep your fan clean is a damp cloth to wipe the blades down, or a vacuum cleaner to dust off the blades. You won’t need an electrician unless there is a major problem to fix.

Useful all year round

Ideal for keeping your home cool in summer, ceiling fans are useful during the cooler months. Did you know most modern ceiling fans are reversible?

As we know, warm air rises to the ceiling. To keep warm air circulating in the cooler months, the fan blades can spin clockwise, sending warm air back down through the room. This helps to boost the effectiveness of your heater.

Eco Friendly

If you are looking for an eco friendly option, ceiling fans are an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution over air conditioning systems. They don’t leave a high carbon footprint.

Service Areas

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split system air conditioner installation geelong


132 Church St, Hamlyn Heights VIC 3215

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