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Sudden changes in our Victorian weather can have you reaching for the remote to quickly heat or cool your home or office space in and around the Ocean Grove area.

What’s the outstanding feature about an aircon installation for heating and cooling? Above all, the right sized unit helps you maintain comfortable climate control in your home with the click of a button, without having to ‘watch’ your energy usage.

Easy Temperature Control with an Aircon Installation

A good AC unit offers easy temperature control over the warm summer months, especially on those sudden heatwave days. Alternatively, you can keep your home warm with enough heat during colder seasons as autumn turns to winter.

Best of all, they are one of the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. Did you know some models offer a 7 star energy rating?

We Can Help You Decide Which Aircon System Is Best For Your Needs

If you’ve grabbed your phone and searched for “aircon installation near me”, AustHVAC is your registered provider of quality reverse cycle air conditioning units, also known as a split air conditioner. We’ll thoroughly assess your Ocean Grove property and address your specific needs. We are suppliers of premium solutions for your heating and cooling needs with our first rate split system air conditioners.

Free Quotes and Advice

For instance, if you’re unsure which reverse cycle heating and cooling size is best suited to the area of your home or office, we are happy to offer free quotes today. AustHVAC also provides sales  aircon servicing and maintenance services when your aircon breaks down.

We’ve Installed 1000’s Of Split Systems

We have installed 1000’s of air conditioners in our many years in the air conditioner installation industry. Don’t take chances with your new air conditioner, get the best advice and installation services by the professionals.

Efficient Air Conditioning Installers in Ocean Grove, Torquay and Barwon Heads Areas

Importantly, when it comes to aircon installation, servicing and repairs, or maintenance, we service the entire region from Little River, Lara, Geelong, Queenscliff, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Winchelsea, Anglesea and Lorne. However, ask us if we travel to your area.

Benefits Of Aircon Systems

Have you quickly googled "air conditioner installation near me" for sales and ac installations? Aust HVAC is your local heating and cooling company for sales, installations and service.

Easy Installation

A reliable air con installer can replace or install your new unit in just a few hours. We’ll discuss the best position for maximum heating and cooling output. The outdoor condenser can be installed up to 25-30 m away from the indoor unit.

Quiet Operation

People ask if these units are noisy. There is a small amount of background sound as they reach optimal temperature levels. However, once the set temperature is reached, the indoor aircon unit operates quietly.

Are Air Conditioners Cheap To Run?

Yes, these units are cost effective to operate depending on heating and cooling settings. The higher the heat setting, the higher the cost per hour to operate

Are Aircon Units Easy To Maintain?

Meanwhile, if you’re looking at set and forget with minimal maintenance, then a quality air con unit requires minimal maintenance. Clean the filters in warm soapy water every 6 months, let dry and replace.

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Our team are licensed split system installers. ASk AustHVAC for your Daikin, Fujitsu, LG and Mitsubishi reverse cycle air conditioner installation.

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